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How much is SR22 insurance in Georgia

How much is SR22 insurance in Georgia
How much is SR22 insurance in Georgia

How much does SR22 insurance cost in Georgia? This question is frequently asked by drivers living in Georgia, who are wondering whether they should buy SR22 insurance as part of their policy or if they’re better off going without it. In this article, we’ll answer all of your questions about SR22 insurance in Georgia and help you decide whether it’s right for you. You can also view our Georgia SR22 car insurance page to learn more information about this type of policy and what factors affect how much it costs in Georgia and elsewhere.

What is an SR-22 Insurance in Georgia

For people who have been involved in traffic accidents, but have not had their driver’s license revoked, there are still some rules that must be followed. One of these rules states that if you want to keep your current driver’s license, you need proof of insurance. That proof can come in a few forms – one of them being an SR-22 form. This form is filed with your state’s department of motor vehicles (DMV), or similar state agency, and it shows that you have a certain type of automobile insurance to protect third parties who may suffer injury or damage due to an accident you may cause while driving on a public road.

Who Needs SR-22 Insurance in Georgia

If your license has been suspended or revoked, you’ll need to file an SR-22 form with your state DMV. The type of driving infraction that got you into trouble determines which SR-22 certificate you need and how long it will stay on your record. If you were caught driving with a suspended license, for example, you’ll need to carry a certificate of financial responsibility for three years from when you receive it. Other violations—such as reckless driving, failure to stop at a red light and driving without proof of liability insurance—may require an SR-22 for up to five years. If more than one incident got you slapped with an SR-22 requirement in Georgia, your carrier can purchase one policy that covers all incidents on your record.

Why do you need it SR-22 Insurance in Georgia

If you do not have car insurance and are found to be at-fault for a car accident, your license may be suspended. To regain your driver’s license, you will need proof of liability coverage in effect at the time of accident. If your policy was cancelled due to non-payment or if you were paying for insurance with a check that bounced or had insufficient funds, then you can get an SR-22 filed on your behalf by any licensed agent. However, if it is your third offense within five years and no other option exists besides filing an SR-22 certificate of liability coverage then it must be done through DDS.

How to Get an SR22 Insurance in Georgia

If you have lost your driving privileges due to a traffic violation or accident, it’s likely that your state requires you to carry an SR-22, which can be obtained from an insurance company. Even though there are multiple ways to get and keep an SR-22, some require more effort than others. To start with, if you don’t already have auto insurance, you may need to shop around for a provider that sells SR-22 policies. This can mean calling around or checking online resources; it will also require finding out whether or not companies do sell such policies in your area.

How Much Does SR22 Insurance Cost in Georgia

Getting into a car accident can be expensive, even if you are innocent. If you find yourself owing money to another driver or government agency, you may need to obtain an SR-22 certificate to show that you have renewed your liability premium. But how much will it cost? The answer averages around $1,651 per year.

Cost of SR22 insurance in Georgia

This depends on a few factors, including where you live and how long your coverage will last. Typically, it costs between $600 and $2,500 per year to add an SR-22 certificate of financial responsibility to your Georgia driver’s license. The length of time you have to maintain coverage can also affect your price—the longer you need SR-22 insurance, the more expensive it tends to be. Many providers offer short term options that may only run for 6 months or a year (such as until a court date), while longer terms can last up to three years or more.

SR-22 insurance in Georgia costs an average

SR-22 insurance in Georgia runs between $100 to $150 per year, depending on where you live. This number can fluctuate due to several factors like age and driving record. The more traffic violations and speeding tickets you have, for example, the higher your premium will be. Other factors like gender and zip code may also affect how much you pay for coverage. To get a good estimate of how much your premiums will run, it’s best to get quotes from a few different providers—you can even do so online with just your zip code at sites like Allstate or Esurance . You can always then call providers back with any questions or quote discrepancies before purchasing an actual policy.

Cheapest SR22 Insurance in Georgia

Let’s face it, no one likes to spend more than they have to. There are many factors when you need sr-22 insurance in georgia that you may not be able to control. However, there are many ways that you can save some money. You may think your auto insurance premiums will rise when you get an sr-22 form but that does not always happen. Make sure to ask your agent if he offers any discounts for good drivers or safety features like air bags, traction control and antilock brakes. Although getting an sr-22 filing might be a hassle to get back on track with your auto coverage, it’s worth looking into how much sr 22 car insurance cost because of all of its benefits for a safe driving record.

How to Find the Best SR-22 Insurance Rate in Georgia

The state of Georgia requires drivers with a DUI to have an SR-22. For some people, that’s as easy as calling their auto insurance company, adding it to their policy and paying extra for it each month. That’s not always possible though if your credit is bad or you don’t drive often enough for a commercial policy or other reasons. In that case, finding cheap SR 22 Insurance can be difficult since rates vary depending on where you live and how many points you already have on your driving record.

Cheapest Companies For Sr-22 Insurance In Georgia

The cheapest Sr-22 companies in Georgia, on average, charge around $390 per year. When you are looking for an sr-22 company, it is important to find one that offers great prices. However, you should always make sure that they will offer you full coverage as well. After all, price is only a factor when it comes to sr-22 insurance when your agent isn’t doing his or her job correctly. If you need help finding an sr-22 company with a low rate and quality service then consider using our quote engine today! Fill out your information and let us do all of the work for you!


Company Average Annual Rate
State Farm $860
USAA $923
Allstate $1,119
Country Financial $1,317
Mercury $1,411
Progressive $1,595
Esurance $1,726
Nationwide $1,879
MetLife $2,696
GEICO $2,982

Georgia Non-Owner SR22 Insurance

The price for Non-Owner SR22 insurance differs by state, but a 30-day policy can cost anywhere from $50 to $200. The cost of liability insurance has a lot to do with where you live and how your driving record compares with other residents. To obtain cheap car insurance, it’s usually necessary to live in a state that requires mandatory liability coverage for all drivers. If you’ve had your license revoked or suspended, it’s likely you’ll need an SR-22 certificate. On average, an uninsured driver will pay about $1,000 more per year than someone who already has liability coverage on their vehicles.

The Average Cost Of Non-Owner Sr-22 Car Insurance In Georgia

The median cost of non-owner SR-22 auto insurance in Georgia is $1,107 per year. You can also find it on most websites. Just type non owner auto insurance sr-22 into a search engine and get quotes from top georgia agencies. You will find that although prices vary significantly between companies, they are usually within a certain price range and can be easily found online. The only way to know how much you will pay for non-owner sr-22 car insurance in Georgia is to shop around and compare companies until you find one that fits your budget.


Company Average Annual Rate
USAA $530
State Farm $572
GEICO $1,043
Progressive $1,484
Nationwide $1,906

Factors affecting the cost of sr22 car insurance in Georgia

The cost of sr22 car insurance depends on multiple factors, including how many tickets and accidents a driver has been involved in. Other factors that affect your SR-22 rates are your age, gender and marital status. For example, male drivers between 25 and 64 years old typically pay more than female drivers of a similar age range. The best way to keep your rates low is to reduce your number of moving violations by obeying traffic laws and driving defensively at all times.

When to Renew your SR22 insurance Georgia

Most states require you to renew your policy every year. As you complete all requirements necessary for reinstatement, you will be given a deadline date to file your renewal request. So as not to incur additional penalties or fines, it’s best to meet that due date and include an up-to-date financial statement with your application. You may also be required to take a driver safety course and appear before your state’s DMV hearing panel so they can make sure that if there have been any changes since you filed for reinstatement, they are positive ones. As part of a routine schedule or when bringing any new vehicle into their fleet, most businesses will ask their policyholders about proof of financial responsibility coverage.

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