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SR22 Insurance in South Carolina: Everything You Need To Know

SR22 Insurance in South Carolina
SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

When you get a driver’s license or car insurance in South Carolina, you’re required to carry automobile insurance in case of an accident.

But what if you don’t have car insurance? Or if your car insurance policy doesn’t cover driving in other states? In these cases, you need to carry SR22 insurance.

What is SR22 insurance in South Carolina, and why do you need it? We’ll answer all of these questions and more. Read on to learn everything you need to know about SR22 insurance in South Carolina.

SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

To have their driver’s privileges reinstated, South Carolina drivers convicted of a DUI or whose license has been revoked must file an SR‑22 form called “statement of financial responsibility.”

The SR-22 form must be filed by your auto insurance company, not by you. Drivers should anticipate to pay greater premiums as a result of their drivers vehicle offenses, while the lowest coverage for SR-22 insurance is the same as the typical state minimums.

While it is possible for SR-22 insurance to be necessary for extended periods, this is more likely if the driver has a poor driving record.

South Carolina SR22 Insurance Requirements

Whether or not you are complying with South Carolina’s insurance regulations is shown by SR22. South Carolina’s insurance laws include a few extra elements than those found in other states. Liability insurance is required by most states for drivers.

All drivers must have liability insurance and uninsured motorist coverage, however South Carolina requires it. To be considered a legal driver in South Carolina, you must satisfy a set of minimum coverage requirements.

The following is Sr22 insurance SC which requires a minimum requirement:

  • $25,000 For every incident, there is a corresponding physical harm.
  • $50,000 There were two or more people who were injured in a car accident.
  • $25,000 property damage
  • $25,000 One person’s bodily injury is considered uninsured drivers.
  • $50,000 If two or more people are injured in an accident, it’s called an uninsured drivers bodily injury.
  • $25,000 Property damage suffered by an uninsured drivers

Who Needs SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

In South Carolina, you may be required to carry an SR22 in a few circumstances. Having to provide proof of insurance to the state is unlikely if you follow good, safe driving habits.

Accidents do occur on the road, and your driving license may be suspended as a result of those accidents. SR-22 insurance is usually purchased here. If you are found guilty of a serious traffic offense that results in your driver’s license being revoked, SR-22 insurance is likely to be required.

For the following violations, South Carolina requires an SR-22 form certificate of insurance to be filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles; note that not all are included.

  • Driving without insurance was a repeated offense, according to the court.
  • Mandatory insurance supervision is required of you.
  • You were in a car accident and failed to compensate for the losses for which you were held accountable by the court.
  • Due to unsatisfied judgments, your license was suspended.
  • Your license has been suspended or revoked.
  • A DUI conviction was handed down to you. You may be forced to carry a provisional license for many months and must have SR-22 insurance to drive legally if it is your first DUI offense in South Carolina.

You may check whether your license has been suspended in South Carolina by visiting the DMV’s website if you’re not sure about its status. By entering your driver’s license number, Social Security number, and birthday, you may check to see if your license has been suspended by the DMV.

How to Get an SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

To get SR22 insurance in South Carolina, you’ll need to complete some basic paperwork and pay a filing fee before you can file. You’ll need to get a policy if you don’t have coverage.

To get SR-22 insurance in South Carolina, follow the instructions below:

  • If you can’t find an eligible insurer, contact your current insurer: An auto insurance firm authorized to operate in South Carolina must do it on your behalf because you are not permitted to file an SR-22 yourself. To keep your SR-22 status and driving rights, you’ll have to purchase insurance from an insurer that also writes policies in South Carolina even if you relocate out of state.
  • Pay the correct SR-22 fee: For filing the SR-22 form on your behalf, your insurance company will likely charge a fee of $15 to $50.
  • Have your insurance company provide you with proof of coverage: The DMV will send you a letter confirming the SR-22 form once your insurer has submitted it. After that, assuming any other conditions of your sentence have been satisfied, you’ll be allowed to drive legally again..
  • Maintain coverage: While this might be longer depending on your record, drivers in South Carolina are typically required to maintain SR-22 insurance for three years. If you cancel or fail to renew your policy, your insurer is required to submit an SR-26 form to the South Carolina DMV.

You’ll lose your driving privileges again if your SR-22 insurance lapses. You may be charged a fee to get them back, and your car insurance rate will most likely rise as a result of the gap in coverage.

To avoid any gaps in coverage and the associated costs, we recommend that you renew your policy at least one month before the time you’re required to have SR-22 insurance.

You should buy a policy and get confirmation from your new insurer that your old coverage has been terminated before you decide to change insurers.

Contact the South Carolina DMV or a local licensing office to verify that the requirement has been met after you’ve had SR-22 insurance for three years. notify your insurer that the form no longer needs to be filed on your behalf after this has been verified.

Cost of SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

Prices for SR22 insurance in South Carolina vary widely. Fees will be high if the driver commits a DUI violation related to a driver’s license and increases in insurance premiums. Some violations may slightly increase the SR22 insurance rate. Due to the gravity of the offense, DUIs cause some of the biggest spikes in auto insurance costs.

State Farms is the top auto insurance company in South Carolina and provides the lowest SR22 cost of $620 per year for drivers in South Carolina with DUI.

How to Find the Best SR22 Insurance Rate in South Carolina

Choosing an insurance company to provide SR22 insurance in South Carolina can be daunting. That’s why it’s important to compare rates and reviews from different companies before making a decision.

Make sure to look for companies with a good history of providing quality service and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, make sure the company you choose has experience issuing these types of policies in South Carolina.

Additionally, be sure to consider coverage limits, deductibles, and premium rates when choosing an insurance company. If you’re ready to start your search for SR22 insurance in South Carolina, be sure to check out our helpful guide.

Cheapest SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

Cheapest SR22 Insurance in South Carolina
Cheapest SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

To find cheap SR-22 insurance in South Carolina, contact a few insurance companies that provide SR-22 South Carolina and inquire about their filing fee. Even if it is not your personal car insurance provider, choose the one that charges the lowest filing fee.

Cheapest Companies for SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

State Farm is the least expensive SR-22 insurance provider in South Carolina, with average annual rate of $620. SR-22 holders pay higher premiums for coverage, sometimes up to twice as much as a regular policy, due to the fact that they are considered high-risk. South Carolina’s average rate increase is 9%.

Company Average Annual Rate
State Farm $620
USAA $840
Allstate $900
Progressive $970
Travelers $1,021
GEICO $1,120
Nationwide $1,205

Remember that the increase is only temporary if these premiums seem to be excessively high. If you practice safe driving habits in the meantime, your premiums may start to drop in South Carolina since you are only required to have an SR-22 on file for three years.

Non Owner SR22 Insurance South Carolina

You may be required to show proof of insurance in South Carolina even if you were not driving the automobile when the traffic offense was committed. In order to get your driver’s license reinstated, you must file your proof of insurance.

Getting car insurance is not possible if you do not own a vehicle. You’ll need to buy non-owner car insurance in order to meet your SR-22 filing obligation. Getting non-owner car insurance satisfies your proof of insurance requirement, and it provides state-required insurance coverage to motorists.

Because of its particular requirements, this kind of insurance is some of the cheapest coverage available. If you own a car or have frequent access to one, non-owner insurance coverage is not available.

For folks who often borrow or rent automobiles, non-owner insurance is frequently suggested. You should already have car insurance if you borrow or rent cars on a regular basis. Any licensed driver in South Carolina is prohibited from driving without coverage. Before you start shopping for automobile insurance, do not wait until you get into difficulty with the authorities.

Who Needs South Carolina Non-Owner SR22 Insurance SC

If you don’t own a car but want to borrow one for occasional errands and other personal responsibilities, you’ll need SR-22 SC coverage. The insurance is of little relevance, as it kicks in only after the vehicle owner’s policy has been exceeded by a claim payout.

The following situations are not covered by a non-owner policy:

  • Driving a car that belongs to someone else in your house.
  • Use any vehicle that you have access to on a regular basis.
  • For business or employment, utilizing an automobile.
  • Renting a vehicle.

Driving under the influence (DUI), driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration (DUAC), driving without insurance, and/or operating an automobile with a suspended, revoked or restricted license are all examples of convictions that may result in an SR-22 citation.

While a policy lapse or cancellation might extend the time period, you’ll need to keep your SR-22 coverage for three years.

How Do You Get Non Owner SR-22 Insurance in South Carolina

By buying a non-owner vehicle insurance policy and asking your insurer to file an SR-22 on your behalf, you may get non-owner SR-22 insurance in South Carolina. If a driver does not have regular access to a car, non-owner SR-22 insurance allows him or her to keep their auto insurance coverage in South Carolina. Even if another member of your family owns a vehicle that isn’t registered in your name, most insurers will not sell you a non-owner policy.

To put it another way, SR-22 is not a form of insurance. Instead, it’s a kind of evidence that a driver has enough insurance to drive legally submitted by an insurance business to the state. After a conviction for aserious crime like DUI, or if they have a history of moving violations, drivers are frequently required to obtain an SR-22.

When purchasing non-owner SR-22 insurance in South Carolina, compare prices by getting quotes from a number of insurers. Non-owner automobile insurance rates vary depending on the insurer as well as variables like the policyholder’s age and driving history. They are similar to any other vehicle insurance policy.

Average Cost of Non Owner SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

According to the Get Today Insurance team survey, the Average Cost of Non-Owner SR22 Insurance in South Carolina is $400 per year.

The cost of a South Carolina non-owner SR22 insurance policy is affected by age, gender, zip code, marital status, driving record, and credit rating.

Cheapest Non Owner SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

Cheapest Non Owner SR22 Insurance in South Carolina
Cheapest Non Owner SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

With an average annual rate of $320, GEICO is the least costly Non Owner SR-22 insurance provider in South Carolina. Due to the fact that SR-22 holders are considered high-risk, they pay higher premiums for coverage, sometimes up to twice as much as a regular policy.

Cheapest Non Owner Companies for SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

Company Average Annual Rate
GEICO $320
State Farm $540
USAA $561
Travelers $632
Progressive $660
Nationwide $920

Factors affecting the cost of SR22 car Insurance in South Carolina

The cost of SR22 insurance in South Carolina will vary depending on a number of factors. Some aspects that influence the policy’s final cost are often:

Before and after the conviction, the driver’s overall driving record is reviewed.: The rates would be lower if the conviction were a one-time thing. The cost will be higher if the conviction is the latest in a series of moving violations.

  • The credit score of the driver: Both standard car insurance and SR22 rates are typically lower with higher credit scores.
  • The miles driven per month or year: The cost will normally be lower with fewer miles.
  • The location: Throughout the United States, These places have greater criminal rates as well as greater insurance rates.
  • The type of vehicle: Vehicles with enhanced safety features are less expensive to insure, and older vehicles are less costly.
  • Age: In many cases, people over the age of 25 are given lower rates than younger drivers, something that is true with nearly all types of policies.
  • Gender: Statistically, women are considered to be safer drivers, which results in them receiving lower SR22 rates.
  • Marital status: Since they are considered to be more cautious drivers, people who are married often get an lower automobile insurance rates.

All of these elements can have an impact on the price. Since this insurance can be expensive, drivers should ask their agent for a discount for possible discounts they may not be aware of.

When to Renew your SR22 Insurance South Carolina

If you are renewing your car insurance, you should also renew your SR22 insurance policy.

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SC DMV) requires all drivers to have liability insurance whenever they operate a motor vehicle on the state’s roadways. An SR22 coverage provides protection for company employees and property damage in the event of an auto accident.

It is mandatory to keep this form of coverage updated every 6 months, or when there has been a material change in circumstances since it last was filed with the SC DMV.

South Carolina Driver Statistics

South Carolina is home to around 5 million residents, with 3.8 million of them having driver’s licenses. In the United States, the state’s growth rate is 18th. South Carolina has become a popular retirement destination for those looking for milder winters in recent years, with the average citizen being 38.8 years old. Although much of the state is rural, it is also highly inhabited. South Carolina is the country’s 19th most densely inhabited state. Only Charleston and Columbia, though, have a population greater than 100,000.

Aerospace, agriculture, automotive manufacturing, distribution and logistics, and technology are some of the state’s most important industries. Tourists go to historic Charleston or go to Myrtle Beach for sand or swimming in the ocean. From Fort Sumter, where the opening shots of the Civil War were fired, to the many restored plantations now accessible to tourists, the state is full of history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SR22 Insurance Required in South Carolina?

Yes, SR22 insurance is required in the state of South Carolina for driving even if you don’t own a car. You will have to purchase non-owner SR22 SC insurance if the state forces you to have SR22 to get your driver’s license back.

If don’t have a car, do I need to file an SR22 in South Carolina?

You must file for an SR-22 in South Carolina, even if you don’t own a vehicle.

In addition, you must meet the other SR-22 criteria. You must have the minimum amount of auto liability coverage, which is the state minimum. In South Carolina, that means carrying:

  • $25,000 of personal injury liability insurance per person
  • $50,000 for personal injury liability insurance per accident
  • $25,000 property damage liability per accident

Another way to accomplish this is to purchase a non-owners SR-22 insurance policy.

Only the individual who buys a car is covered by non-owner car insurance. In addition, it usually only provides bodily injury and property damage insurance. Comprehensive and collision coverage aren’t included.

How to check SR22 insurance status in South Carolina?

Contacting the South Carolina DMV can help you determine whether you’re eligible for a SR-22. When you go to do this, make sure you have both your driver’s license and Social Security numbers with you so that you can get started.

That being said, there is no need to check the status of your SR-22 application. Your insurance company will send you a copy of your SR-22 form once the state has received and approved it.

How long do I need an SR22 in South Carolina?

Once your driving rights are suspended, South Carolina may make you file an SR-22 for three years.

Your insurer will notify the state about your SR-22 auto insurance expiration or policy cancellation during this time by submitting an SR-26 form if you let it lapse or if it is canceled.

The state will then require you to begin the SR-22 registration process again. Your insurance company will notify the state that your SR-22 registration period has ended and you no longer need to have SR-22 coverage if you avoid it for the full three years.

After you file an SR-22 form with the state and have it approved, you’ll get a bonus in another way. In particular, lowering your car insurance costs will be incentive enough for you.

They should be a lot more reasonable than they have been in the years since South Carolina revoked your driving license, and they won’t sink as low as they were before.

For the next three years, driving infractions will lower your insurance rates. These events will ideally be off your record by the time your SR-22 requirements expire.

Final Verdict

SR22 insurance is a vital policy for drivers in South Carolina. Not only does it protect your car and property in the event of a car accident, but it also offers coverage for your home and personal belongings. By knowing how to find the best SR22 insurance rate in South Carolina, you can save money on your coverage and peace of mind. Make sure to read through this blog to learn all you need to know about this important policy.

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