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The Way to Get SR22 Insurance Wisconsin for Drivers with a Traffic Violation

SR22 Insurance Wisconsin
SR22 Insurance Wisconsin

As a driver with serious traffic violations in Wisconsin, you should learn more about SR22 Insurance Wisconsin. The information below will explain anything you should know about SR22 insurance in Wisconsin, including SR22 insurance Wisconsin price. As a result, you can manage this insurance right away and know how to use it.

What Is SR-22 Insurance in Wisconsin?

SR-22 Insurance is insurance coverage for Wisconsin drivers who are convicted of a serious traffic violation. A serious traffic violation includes driving under the influence (DUI) or driving uninsured. It is a form for the convicted driver’s auto insurance company.

The insurance company should submit this form to confirm that the driver meets the state’s minimum car insurance requirements. This insurance coverage is not for all drivers. In Wisconsin, SR-22 Insurance coverage is only for veterans, current military members, and their families.

Who Needs SR-22 Insurance in Wisconsin?

So, who needs SR22 Insurance in Wisconsin? Some drivers need this insurance, especially when involved with several cases, such as reckless driving, driving without a suspended license, driving without insurance coverage, and Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

You need this insurance for up to three years. Indeed, the period of the SR22 insurance you need depends on the seriousness of the offense. The more serious the offense, the longer the SR22 insurance period.

How to Get SR-22 Insurance in Wisconsin?

Say you are a person who needs SR22 insurance in Wisconsin. How do you get SR-22 insurance in Wisconsin? Remember! SR22 insurance is a form for your car insurance company. Unfortunately, some companies refuse to submit this form, especially if you are a high-risk insurer. So, ensure that you find a trusted car insurance company in Wisconsin that wants to submit this form no matter the insurers.

What if You Don’t Have SR-22 Insurance in Wisconsin?

In case you have a driving violation and you don’t have SR-22 Insurance in Wisconsin, the related party will suspend your driving license. Then, you should purchase Non-Owner SR22 Insurance Wisconsin to get your driving license back.

You still have to follow this rule even if you rent the car or you drive that is not your car. The function of the non-owner SR22 insurance is to help drivers to save money on car insurance coverage costs.

This program is so effective for those who often rent cars or borrow cars from friends or family members. The cost of non-owner insurance in Wisconsin is $147 per year. The lowest rate the car insurance company offers is $180 per year. This policy is only for former and current military members.

What Does the SR22 Insurance Coverage Cover?

There are two things that SR22 insurance coverage covers. First, this insurance covers bodily injury liability coverage. The coverage is $50.000 and $100.000 in bodily injury liability per accident. The second coverage is for the property damage liability. The limit of this coverage is $50.000 per accident.

How Much Does the Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Wisconsin?

As a person who needs SR22 insurance, you should confirm first that you meet the minimum liability coverage regulations in Wisconsin. How much does SR22 insurance cost in Wisconsin? For example, the cost SR22 insurance Wisconsin in the minimum liability coverage for bodily injury is $25.000 per person or $50.000 bodily injury liability per accident.

There is also a minimum property damage liability per accident. In this case, the minimum coverage is $10.000 whereas for the uninsured motorist coverage per person, the coverage is $25.000. The uninsured motorist coverage per accident is $50.000.

Where Can You Get the Cheapest SR-22 Insurance in Wisconsin?

There are at least 5 insurance companies that offer the cheapest SR22 insurance in Wisconsin.


USAA is one of the trusted auto insurance companies because of its stable finance, high level of customer satisfaction, affordability, and low complaints. Another reason why people in Wisconsin choose this company is because of the inexpensive packages.

It is suitable for young drivers, full and minimum coverage, and insurers with a violation who request SR22. The average annual rate in this company is only $360. This average annual rate is the cheapest compared to the four companies below.

State Farm

Those who want to get discounts while purchasing an insurance plan can use State Farm. This provider offers great discounts for its clients. This company is also popular because of the low level of complaints and its financial stability.

Indeed, State Farm offers inexpensive insurance plans, including for teen drivers and drivers with a traffic violation. The average annual rate in this company is $411.


Progressive has good financial stability and great discounts, along with a low complaint level. It is also a good alternative if you want to find SR22 insurance in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, the plans are not suitable for young drivers. So far, this company covers up to 48 states. The average annual rate in this company is $477.


Erie is an automotive insurance company that insurers need. It has a good satisfaction level, a low level of complaints, is stable, and is affordable. This company also offers an affordable SR22 for drivers with prior violations. Erie offers a $519 average annual rate.

American Family

Just like its name, American Family is a recommended auto insurance company for families in the U.S., including Wisconsin. The SR22 insurance is affordable for teen drivers and those with a traffic violation. The average annual rate in the American Family is $561.


Is It Easy to Get SR22 Insurance in Wisconsin?

Yes, you only have to buy an auto insurance plan from a trusted auto insurance company in Wisconsin. The company will manage the SR22 for you. As long as you meet the requirements, you will get SR22 insurance.

Is SR22 Insurance Expensive in Wisconsin?

It depends on the auto insurance company you use. For a cheaper option, you can use USAA, Progressive, Erie, State Farm, and American Family. The minimum car insurance policy for clean drivers is $473 per year. On the other hand, the minimum car insurance policy for drivers with DUI is $958.

How Long Does a Driver with a Traffic Violation Need SR22 in Wisconsin?

In most cases, a driver with a traffic violation needs to have SR22 insurance for three years in Wisconsin. The period can be longer depending on the level of the traffic violation. The riskier the traffic violation, the longer the driver should take the SR22.

How Much is the Cheapest Average Annual Rate of the SR22 Insurance in Wisconsin?

So far, the cheapest average annual rate of SR22 insurance in Wisconsin is only $360. USAA is the auto insurance company that offers the cheapest average annual rate. Visit its official website to know more about its SR22 insurance plan.

Final Verdict 

SR22 insurance is only for specific insurers, such as veterans, recent military members, and drivers with a traffic violation. Not all companies submit SR22 insurance, especially for clients with high-risk of doing traffic violations.

Be active to ask about SR22 insurance Wisconsin the auto insurance company if you need it. The good news is that some companies offer cheap SR22 insurance Wisconsin average cost. The companies that offer cheap SR22 insurance rates are USAA, State Farm, Progressive, Erie, and American Family.

The point is that you should follow the driving rules in Wisconsin to drive comfortably and safely. One of them is by providing yourself with the right insurance, including an SR22.

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